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If you are looking to sell your home fast in a direct, private transaction, we can help.  At ERB Properties, we specialize in buying properties off-market - directly from sellers.  This allows sellers to have an easy and fast way to sell their homes without the worry and expense of listing with an agent.


This creates a win-win for everyone involved.  The property owner gets to sell their home or property fast (often in a few weeks and we pay cash) and ERB Properties gets a property to develop into a high end home or condominium.  Learn more about the process below.

We Offer a Fast and Easy Way to Sell Your Home in DC and Maryland

Selling a home is never easy but at ERB Properties we can help you sell your home fast and easy and offer you a fair price for it.  We are a developer so we can offer a reasonable price for your home and buy it directly from you.  We then renovate the property and make our money that way.  Its really an easy and fast way to do it.  We can buy your home directly or work with the leading hard money in DC to purchase your home fast - usually in a week or two.


When you sell your home in a off-market transaction with ERB Properties, you don't have to worry about an agent or broker or any of the headaches that go along with selling you home via the traditional sales route.  That means no time wasted on repairs, staging, reviewing offers, negotiating, closings, etc.  And that's not to mention the fees and commissions you will save by selling your home directly to us.

What Properties Do We Buy?

We buy any type of property in DC and Maryland with a focus on rowhouses and multi-unit properties.  But we will buy almost any type of property - including land.  Our development expertise and construction skills allows us to turn almost any project into a successful one.  In fact, we love run-down or poorly maintained properties because it gives us a blank slate from which to work.  Sellers love this too since it allows them to often get better value for the property.  So if you are looking to sell any property today - please contact ERB Properties.

Why Sell To ERB Properties?

There are many reasons you should sell your home or property to ERB - here are just a few of them:


  • Fast - We will buy your home fast

  • Cash - We close every deal by offering you cash

  • Any Property - We will buy almost any type of property in DC and Maryland

  • Easy - We just need to talk and see your property and present you with an offer

  • Local - We only work in DC and Maryland

  • Many Others - There are many other reasons to sell to ERB - contact us today to find out more.

Start Now - Call Us Today or Start By Filling Out this Application

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