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ERB Properties is a leading residential property developer and construction company in the DC and Maryland area.​  With a focus on high-end single family property redevelopment and condominium conversions - we are a strategic development partner who provides strong value through a combination of high-quality work and and cost-effective development. 

Our Values

ERB Properties is built around core values that define who we are and what we do.  We ensure that each project we work on reflects our values and committment to the project, our team and the ultimate buyer.  At ERB, we focus on the following. 

  • QUALITY - We take pride in quality at every phase of construction - from planning until sale and everything in between.  When you focus on quality at each step - the entire project shines overall.

  • SPEED - We are fast - faster than almost any other developer who works in our niche.  Many people think that quality and speed are mutually exclusive, but at ERB Properties, we have built teams that can do both and work hard each day to fully realize on those core values.

  • COST-EFFECTIVENESS - We build high-quality at an affordable rate.  We don't skimp on materials or products but our labor rates and execution speed allow us to still be priced with much lower quality competition. 

  • TEAMWORK - Anyone who works in property development knows each team member and subcontractor is critical to overall success.  We have developed an exceptional team of talented workers - from management to trade specialists - and their ability to deliver is evidenced in each project.

  • BUYER FOCUS - Many developers are only concerned about the bottom line and how much money they will make on a deal.  At ERB Properties, we are building our company and brand for the long haul and believe the best way to grow is for buyers to know that we provide outstanding quality and value and build with their goals and comfort in mind.

Our Experience

ERB Properties has developed numerous projects in the DC and Maryland area over the last 5 years.  We have focused on high end residential property rehabilitations and condo conversions that discerning buyers in the DC area are looking for.  For just a sample of the properties we have developed, check out our project portfolio page an learn more about our quality work and the ERB Properties story.

About Our Founder

Eder Barbosa is our Founder and President and is responsible for hands-on project management as well as daily operations of the company.  Mr. Barbosa believes in building a lasting company through quality work with a focus on buyers.  He and his team are committed to providing the best residential property options to buyers in the DC and Maryland markets as well as becoming a trusted development partner and builder on residential real estate projects in the DC and Maryland area.


Mr. Barbosa is also the founder of Brazilian Floors - one of DC and Maryland's leading hardwood flooring providers.

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